Initial Clearing

Bringing Mobility, Reach
And Breadth
To Your Project

Woodson has the mobility, reach and diverse array of equipment to meet the needs of your projects.  Since 1980 Woodson has used over 1,200 cumulative years of intelligence to successfully complete large and diverse projects for our customers.

It Starts with Good Stewardship

We have the experience to complete initial clearing and re-clearing in environmental and culturally sensitive areas with minimal disturbance. Woodson uses on-site materials and mulch to reduce soil compaction and rutting. If sensitive areas require matting, we can provide them quickly from our in house inventory. We have crews available to install, maintain and remove access and storm water controls, allowing a turn-key right-of-way preparation. Our company has an outstanding safety record, and we start each work day with a safety review.
Initial Clear/Reclear machinery

Air Curtain Incinerators (ACI)

We also own four Air Curtain Incinerators (ACI), which are EPA approved and state licensed. They provide a cleaner and faster way of disposing of wood debris than mulching, open pit burning, or landfill hauling.

An Air Curtain Incinerators is a large open box with no top or bottom.  The sides are steel and lined with thick ceramic tiles. It delivers a continuous “curtain” of air angled over the box which creates a vortex effect, raising the temperature up to 2,200 degrees Farenheit with minimal emissions. The capacity is 150 tons of round wood per 10 hour shift, yielding 3 tons of ash.

The remaining wood ash can be buried on site or in a landfill. Or, it can be spread on the ground, where it becomes a nutrient-rich fertilizer.

For information about renting an ACI burner, please call the number below.

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