Safety is the most important objective for us.

Woodson Incorporated is committed to a target zero incident rating. Since 1998, we have achieved this goal with a RAI and LWDIR of zero for all but 4 years. All employees participate in safety training on a continuous basis and have documented daily safety tailboard meetings in which all employees are encouraged to provide their ideas and input for a safer work environment. For new hires Woodson Incorporated provides job and procedure orientation along with an on-the-job cross training program. Woodson Incorporated instructs new employees on the safety requirements and expectations of the company. We believe that all accidents can be prevented through Human Performance, safety awareness and the appropriate equipment for the job with the proper technique in equipment operation.

Woodson Core Values

We operate with a safety first mindset.

We see our people as our greatest asset.

We rely on the strength
of teamwork.

We approach our daily work with focus and intensity.

We act as trusted
advisors to our

We protect Woodson Incorporated assets.

Equipment Maintenance Plays A Crucial Role In Work Production & Jobsite Safety

Equipment failure could prove deadly if working around energized power lines and high-pressure gas lines. Therefore, Woodson Incorporated expects all employees to complete daily maintenance check sheets and perform routine scheduled maintenance on all machines.

Staying Drug Free!

Woodson Incorporated is committed to a drug free work environment. All employees are subjected to random drug screenings on a periodic basis, and new hires must take a drug test and physical.